What Is A Lift Gate Service?

Why Liftgate Service?

Liftgate services are a must-have for any business. At Double Diamond, we offer premium liftgate solutions to quickly service our client's needs. When a package is too large or heavy to handle by yourself, liftgate services come in handy. If a package or delivery cannot be completed by manpower alone, having a hydraulic liftgate can make all the difference.

Not only do we offer liftgate services at Double Diamond, but we also specialize in full truckload solutions that are unmatched in our industry. As a top-level freight carrier in San Antonio, our goal is to become the number one solution for all trucking or logistic needs. We pride ourselves in superior service that is unmatched in our industry. We take every delivery seriously and guarantee that each delivery will arrive on time, period.

What Is A Liftgate Service?

A liftgate is a mechanical mechanism that is located on the back of trucks. They are a great resource when unloading large shipments or goods. With the ability to lift to 5,000 pounds, liftgates unitizes hydraulic, pneumatic mechanism to execute robust operations.  

Liftgates reduces the risk of injury for workers by executing hydraulics when lowering or raising goods.  Carefully, workers can raise and lower shipments to the ground from the freight. Simply put, liftgates services are the best way to unload or load heavy items when a docking station is not available.

When Should You Hire A LiftGate Service?

Hiring an experienced lift gate trucking company will go along way in insured that your good is properly handled and secured when delivered. You should consider hiring a liftgate device when the following scenarios are at play: 

When You Run A Construction Site - Let’s face it, construction sites can sometimes get messy due to the high volume of materials being delivered. Having a liftgate technician on site will highly affect the total efficiency of the project being delivered on time and safe.  

When You Do Not Have A Proper Loading Dock - There is a reason why loading docks are very popular for large corporations. They are highly effective and efficient. Having a loading dock that is directly connected to an inventory warehouse is ideal for any company. However, if you are a smaller business that does not have the funds to build a loading dock, a liftgate service will dramatically help out the overall efficiency of the project’s delivery.  

What Are The Benefits of Hiring a LiftGate Service?

Many benefits come from hiring a top-level liftgate service. For starters, because of the hydraulic nature of the machine, the risk of injury is reduced to the bare minimum. Packages can be very heavy and uneven. This can become a very dangerous situation for trucking companies that rely on the sole manpower of their truck driver. Through our liftgate machinery, our technicians can load-unload safely, and without fail.

Not only do liftgate services decrease the risk of injury but they also ensure each delivery will be executed on time. Because of the robust nature of the machinery, all shipments are not relied upon by manpower alone. This makes the impossible task of the heavy lifting not only possible, but doable in a shorter time.

Liftgate Services Get’s The Job Done On Time

Put simply, liftgate services go the extra mile in the delivery of your goods and meeds, even if sometimes it is an extra fee. At Double Diamond, our main desire is to become the most reliable trucking and logistics company on the globe. Offering our customers liftgate services goes a long way in turning that desire into a reality. If you are looking into hiring a trucking company for your next transportation need, look no further. We guarantee that each delivery will be on completed on time, period.

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