What Makes a Good Trucking
Company in San Antonio TX?  

Behind Our Trucking Company in San Antonio, TX

There is more to running a trucking company than just throwing up a sign and hiring drivers. With so many years of experience in the business, we have seen many trucking companies set up shop only to close down within a few years. We believe, in large part, that this is a result of trucking companies thinking in terms of revenue only, or “the company” paying little mind to the actual quality of work and what should set them apart. What we have learned, however, is that it is all about the trucking, first. If one can understand the importance of this, then the rest will follow. Below, we have outlined a few key ideas that we believe have helped us define what a healthy and successful transportation company looks like. 

Wikipedia defines a trucking company as one that serves the United States by “by transporting large quantities of raw materialsworks in process, and finished goods over land—typically from manufacturing plants to retail distribution centers.” Although we appreciate the definition from Wikipedia, we believe there is so much more left to be said. We are not here just to make a nice name for ourselves, we want to become the number one trucking company in San Antonio, TX. For our many customers, this is already coming true. 

At DD - Transport, Inc, we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality driving solutions, but what does that mean? In other words, what makes up a good trucking company? We have thought long and hard about this question, and have come up with a few key ideas that we would like to share in an effort to answer this very important question. 

It's All About The Relationships

We are built to service the needs of our customers first!  We believe the relationships we have with our customers is what sets us apart from the rest of the pack.  We understand that our customers have other options, and for this reason, we treat our customer relationships with the highest regard.  We don’t look at them from the standpoint of being just another “customer”.  We see them more as friends or a partnership.  We want to know their problems, help solve them, and grow as they grow over time.

Not Every Load Is The Right One

Getting into this business, it has always been tempting to accept every trucking opportunity in San Antonio, TX.  However, what we have found is that this line of thinking is not the way to do business.  When a trucking opportunity comes our way, we first consider the task at hand and do a healthy assessment, first.  We ask ourselves key questions in order to make sure this “load” is the right load.

We think to ourselves,
- Is this the correct fit?
- Can we guarantee the highest quality of service?
- Can we deliver exceptional service to this customer?
- Long term, could this be a partnership?
- Can we make this delivery with 100% integrity?

There are many other questions we ask ourselves, but you get the point. If we can honestly say “yes” to all of these questions, and the many others, then it is safe to presume this load is the right load.  If any of these questions seem to be a little out of reach for us, then we choose integrity and do what’s best for the customer.  We are not in the business of wasting anyones’ resources, even if that means saying no to an opportunity.  We want business, but not at the risk of someone else.

Our Truck Drivers Make The Difference

For our truck drivers, obtaining a CDL is only the beginning. We want drivers that are committed to achieving routes with the highest of integrity, focus, and timeliness. There are no shortcuts to becoming the best transportation company. It’s all about hard work. If one is willing to put in the time, it will show up in the quality of their work. This is why we invest heavily in the training of all of our truck drivers and owner-operators.

There is no secret sauce, only the hard work of our drivers that makes the difference. We are in constant communication with our drivers, and consider each one of their families. We believe, if we aren’t committed to their success, why should they be committed to ours? We pour into our drivers, and the quality, timeliness of their work shows.

We Believe in Fuel Efficiency

Becoming fuel-efficient is one of the most overlooked aspects in truck driving. Everyone wants to have impeccable timing, but how many are actually looking at how efficient they are making their routes and actually doing something to make the difference? To illustrate this point, take a look at what Judy Levine, from Triumph Business Capital, wrote on this subject. 

“Fuel economy plays a huge role in your success as an owner-operator. A single mile to the gallon in fuel economy can make or tank your bottom line. You may have heard other drivers say that you can’t make money if you’re driving just 60 mph because you’re driving fewer miles each day. But driving 55-60 versus having idle time and driving 70 mph will make a dramatic difference, saving you thousands of dollars in fuel efficiency. At a fuel cost of $3.00 per gallon, let’s assume Driver 1 averages 70 mph for 10,000 miles, and gets 5.0 mpg. Driver 2 averages 60 mph for 10,000 miles, and gets 5.5 mph. At the end of the year, Driver 1 has shelled out $72,000 for fuel while Driver 2 has spent just $65,000, leaving $7,000 more in his pocket.” 

This example points out the simple fact that if a company is fuel-efficient, then they are in fact committed to excellence. Why short change the customer and ourselves along the way? It’s all about fuel efficiency.

Our Trucks Are Reliable

According to Business Insider (https://www.businessinsider.com/trucking-equipment-backlog-2018-9), trucking equipment is being ordered at a record pace. This is for good reason. There can be no shortcuts when it comes to investing in trucks. Look, we can talk about fuel efficiency and integrity all day long, but if we don’t have anything with the ability to carry the load, we are in a rough spot.

For this reason, we are committed to ensuring our trucks have the utmost reliability and trust of our customers. Ideas and motivation get you to the starting point, but consistent hard work and integrity keep you there.

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